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Conifer Class – Reception and Year 1

Conifer Class – Reception and Year 1

Welcome to Conifer Class! Mrs Cook, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Bazeley are in our class every day and Mrs Maggs teaches us every Thursday afternoon while Mrs Cook has PPA.

We are Conifer Class (written by Conifer class!)

We are 4, 5 and 6 years old and love learning, especially about electricity and dinosaurs. We’re really proud of our writing, especially the stories we wrote about Diwali.

We are good and really kind to each other. We help each other when we can see someone is struggling.

In the classroom, we do lots of exciting things like cooking and playdough. We love making models with the Lego. Sometimes, we bring phonics and maths home learning in from home, and can share it with our friends.

Outside, we love playing chase and tag and building with the big blocks. Some of us go to Breakfast Club which is really good because you get to eat breakfast at school!

We love being in Conifer Class!

Term 3 Jan 2022

Welcome to a New Year, and unlike last year’s home learning in Term 3, hopefully we will be able to teach face to face this year!

Last term was very busy, with all the Christmas festivities. The children made us so proud when performing The Nativity. We hope you enjoyed watching it together at home.  Because you missed out coming into school to see the children perform, I would like to us to put on a Talent Show in the summer term that hopefully, you will be able to come in and watch (fingers crossed)

This term, our topic of learning builds on Term 1’s learning, looking at villages and cities, and what makes them work.  We will find out about Dundry and Bristol in more detail, and learn about different sorts of transport.

Things you can do at home to support your children:

  • Hear your children read at least 4 times a week. Talk to your child about the book, asking them questions to help with comprehension.
  • Practise sound books. keyrings and spellings (tricky words)
  • Write in the purple home school book to let us know when children are reading or/and practising their reading, sound books and keyrings. If they have 4 or more reads, they will go into the Friday reading raffle to win a small prize.
  • Keep reading to the children regularly, sharing story books/non fiction books. This really helps the children hear and experience new vocabulary and different kinds of books (genre).

Here is our learning for the term

Term 3 learning


Term 2 November – December 2021

We have a very busy term ahead of us! Our Topic of learning is all about our Weather and the Seasons. We will be finding out about different sorts of weather, and become Weather Watchers and forecasters – collecting and measuring our weather as well as making our own BBC Weather Forecasts!

We will also be very busy with Christmas, practising our singing and acting, to get ready for our KS1 Nativity. Hopefully, after last year’s videoed spectacular, we will be able to present ‘The Big Little Nativity’ in person this year!

Here is the overview for the term

Term 1 Planning 2021

Welcome to Term 1 learning in Conifer Class!

We have spent the last 2 weeks settling in and having fun creating our new Conifer Class Community. Now all our Baseline assessments are done, we will be starting our new topic ‘Where I live’ where we will learn about different buildings in Dundry and Bristol and find out which materials are used. Year 1’s will visit the SS Great Britain as part of their History learning and Reception will have a ‘real life’ builder to show them how to build strong walls.

Where I live

Where I live


Supporting your child with reading

It can be really tricky knowing how to support your child with reading, so I’ve made a video to give you some ideas about how you can help. It is also good to read the same book with your child at least 3 or 4 times, this enables them to develop fluency when reading a book that has become more familiar.

Conifer 1:1 Reading with Mrs Cook

As always, you can also contact me through



During the week beginning 1st March we will enjoy a whole week of book themed fun, to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. Each afternoon the children will choose an activity or two to try from an exciting menu created by their teachers.  See the video below to hear Dundry teachers reading some their favourite stories and poems.








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