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Willow Class – Year 1 & 2

Willow Class – Year 1 & 2

Hello and welcome to Willow Class!

About us!

Welcome to Willow Class; we are a mixed age class of years 1 and 2.  Our Team is Miss George (Class Teacher), Miss Hynam (Wednesday Class Teacher), Mrs Chaplin (Teacher Assistant) and Miss Patch (Teacher Assistant). Mrs Chaplin is in the classroom from Monday – Wednesday and Miss Patch is in the classroom Thursday to Friday. We are lucky enough to have high quality PE sessions and lunchtime activities taught by Premier Sports on Fridays. The adults in Willow class work very closely together to ensure that all learning and transitions are seamless. We try our very best in all aspects of our learning, show care and compassion for each other and take pride in our class family.


Our learning this term.


This term we have two very exciting topics! The first is about the book ‘The Building Boy’ where he’s builds the home his Grandma had designed for him. We will be looking at our writing and how we can use different techniques to make it exciting for the reader. Lots of adjectives, expanded noun phrase, onomatopoeia, exclamation marks and of course capital letters and full stops in our sentences! At the end of our topic we will be creating our own story inspired by ‘The Building Boy’.


Our second topic is connected with Chinese New Year! Willow Class will be learning all about Chinese New Year and then creating a fact file booklet! Do you know the story behind the different animals for each year?



Year 2s will be looking at Money and Statistics.

Money – What does the UK money look like? What are coins values? How can we use different coins to make the same value? What change will I get?


Statistics – Looking at how we can collect and present data in different formats depending on the purpose of the data. As well as being able to look at different charts/graphs and answer questions on the data. We will be looking at: tally charts, tables, block diagrams and pictograms.

Year 1s will be looking at place value up to 20 as well as addition and subtraction number sentences.


Place Value up to 20 – understanding that in the number 15 the 1 (ten) comes first because it is 1 ten and 5 ones which make 15. Not to be written 51 as that would be 5 tens and 1 one! We will also be looking at a number line and looking at how we can estimate a number on a number line when it is blank.

Addition and Subtraction – having a real strong foundation of number facts that are easy to recall. Knowing our number bonds to 20 17+3=20, 3+17=20, 13+7=20 and 7+13=20. How we can count backwards as well as solving missing number problems.


This term’s unit will be looking at our looking area and understanding the different features of Dundry; whether they are human landmarks or natural landmarks. We will be looking at maps, understanding how there are different symbols for the reader to understand and then creating our own maps of Dundry!


In science we will be looking at Animals Including Humans. How can we group animals? What are key features for Mammals, Birds, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles and Minibeast? Do different types of animals eat different thing?


We will be learning about colour creations. What are the primary colours? They are red, Yellow, and Blue, this is because these colours can be mixed together to create other colours.


Our RE focus is Gospel; what do Christians believe about Gospel?

We will be looking at different stories from the Bible.


Computing this term is about creating media to make music!

Through Computing we will be looking at how different types of music, beat, rhythm and volume can make the listener feel. We will be looking at how we can use technology to make our own music!

Reading at Home

It can be really tricky knowing how to support your child with reading so we have made two videos to give you some ideas on how you can help. It is also good to read the same book with your child at least 4 times, this enables them to develop fluency when reading a book that has become more familiar.

Important Information

Our PE days are on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please make sure children come in to school wearing their PE kits on these days. Please ensure children bring their reading records and book bags in every day. Children are expected to read at least 4 times a week at home.

It is really important that children spend some time at home each week consolidating their learning at school and it is helpful if they have a quiet space to do so. You can find a copy of our Home Learning Expectation on the policies section of our website. In our class the expectation is:

  • Reading at least 4 times a week (most important)
  • DoodleMaths Activity
  • Practice Spelling/Phonics words for reading and writing.

Children have the option to explore their termly topic at home and bring their learning into school to share. This is optional and is an opportunity for children and parents to extend classroom based learning. For example if they have been practising their number bonds to 20 they could bring in their worksheet. This can link to any subject/topic we are learning about this term.

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During the week beginning 1st March 2021 we enjoyed a whole week of book themed fun to celebrate World Book Day. See the video below to hear Dundry teachers reading some their favourite stories and poems.

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